Coding and Documentation

With today’s tightening regulations, striking a balance between maintaining compliance and appropriately charging for your health care services has become an arduous task. Poor documentation of your patient records may not only mean lost revenue—it places your practice in danger of fines or worse. The complex nature of emergency medicine only serves to complicate matters even further.

As an integral part of our billing services, HCFS of TeamHealth provides expert medical coding performed by seasoned, trained professionals. By staying abreast of state and federal guidelines as well as third-party payer coding rules, we help you reduce revenue loss while remaining compliant. HCFS of TeamHealth also offers regular workshops designed to help educate your providers and improve their documentation skills.

From teaching you and your colleagues how to properly document patient encounters to correctly coding each medical record and performing random audits, we are dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between compliance and revenue.

Do your coding and documentation practices leave room for improvement? Contact HCFS of TeamHealth today to learn how we can help.