Compliance Expertise

When it comes to healthcare regulations, our clients depend on us to steer them clear of trouble and provide them peace of mind. Our expertise in medical coding guidelines and patient privacy requirements enables us to monitor your compliance efforts and help you stay one step ahead of the curve.

  • Our Commitment to Your Compliance Assurance Includes:
  • Staying on top of changing Medicare and Medicaid regulations
  • Keeping in step with HIPAA rules regarding patient privacy
  • Using a rigorous, standards-based coding methodology
  • Routinely auditing each coding staff member’s work on pre-billed records
  • Developing stringent internal privacy policies and procedures
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to protect your data from security breaches
  • Performing risk assessments to identify potential areas of exposure
  • Providing ongoing corporate compliance education

At HCFS of TeamHealth, we view compliance as an integral part of our client relationships, helping you operate effectively within the law while optimizing growth and stemming revenue loss. To this end, we have established a support team of educators, auditors, attorneys, risk managers, computer security specialists and other leading experts to ensure that we remain on the forefront of critical issues affecting your practice today.

To learn more about how HCFS of TeamHealth stays on the leading edge of compliance issues, please contact us.